Перевод песни Sparks – Fill-Er-Up

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
One gallon for that certain start
Two gallons once around the park
I don’t need any servicing
Just fill-er-up with anything
Five gallons gets me up the hill
Six gallons, I don’t need no pills
I’m never gonna stop again
So fill-er-up with premium
Ten gallons, everyone’s a her
Eleven gallons, I’m a blur
I’m coming and I’m going
So fill-er-up with premium
Twelve gallons gets me out of town
Where no one’s poor or black or brown
And nothing ever seems to change
I’m past all that, just fill-er-up
Fifteen, gallons, more, more
Twenty gallons, more, more
I feel I’m running out of steam
So fill-er-up with gasoline
Fill me up with premium
Fill me up with anything etc