Перевод песни Divine Brown – Deja Vu

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Ooh I’m dependant
Got a feeling something ain’t right
In front of me in plain sight
Ahh I’m not with it
'Cause I feel like I’m in danger
Dealing with a stranger
Sometimes I get lost in and out of love
But at what cost?
And other times win or loose
Nothing grab you by the …
And tell you where to…
I’ve seen this before
It’s always easier to judge with hind-sight (hind-sight)
Especially when I think of the way it use to be (oh oh ooh ooh that’s all I
think about)
Oh love feels so good now like a flower to a honey bee (flower, honey bee,
But at one time (one time) I’ve seen it all come to an end (oh oh oh oh)
And I can’t let this happen again (woo)
Déjà vu déjà vu déjà vu déjà vu ooh
Why does it go?
When it comes to love all good things come to an end
I don’t want to loose you baby
But I don’t want to make the same mistakes again again