Перевод песни Broken Social Scene – Ungrateful Little Father

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Ungrateful little motherfuck, boredom tuck
Beat you up with bedrooms of ice
I see you've got another one almost done
Bet you think that you wished twice
I see you standing over there, underwear
The milk is going to bring you a fight
Ungrateful little motherfuck, built you up
A brand new breakthrough device
Heard about your almost-kin touching skin
And leaving pictures out of the book
I thought that all the should've beens might've hid
Beneath all that they took
Never said I was the man who held the tan
And breathed while we violently shook
Ungrateful little motherfuck, boredom tuck
Up all that we could
But buildings have another tease, try to please
Leaving all the press pulled apart
Oh, I feel you like an evil wind, sucka twin
Dying for the «never» of stop
What, you going to seal this with all that's missed?
Oh, I think you're pulling my heart
Ungrateful little motherfuck, horror tucked
Up what you never have thought
If I see you with a cracked up kid who never wins
Dying for the little you've got
If I see you with a cracked up kid, double kick
Down to the floor of the rot