Перевод песни Shirley & Lee – The Flirt

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Hello girl where are you going
Let me take you for a ride
Jump in my car and I'll take you home
And I'll take you to a treasure that's shining bright
Oh look daddy, you're so cool
But I can't break my mama's rule
She would have to see you, what's your family tree
Before let she'd even let you come home to court me Are you thinking 'bout marriage (Now and then)
Are you going pretty steady (Now and then)
Gee, you look so pleasant (Sure thing)
Well I think I'm ready (This is mine to say)
Do you have plenty money (Yes I do)
Is it all in cash (Just for you)
Would you give me all your loving (If you're true)
Then our love will always last (Just me and you)
Oh, wee baby I'm so happy
That you took a liking to me
I'm gonna tell it to the whole wide world
That I've got a gal that's fancy free
Go see our mother (You and me)
Go see our father (Just you and me)
Tell our sisters and our brothers (You and me)
That you're going to marry me