Перевод песни Dismantled – Thanks For Everything

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This is for myself
As selfish as it gets
And the only thing that I have left
But you don't understand
'Cause you're the standard wave
You got your balance down
But your vision is so plain.
The pictures in my head are great!
I prefer them over you.
There's nothing you can do or say
To make me ever change the way I am.
I'm the one that let you in And you walked all over me So thanks for everything
Well, that was my mistake
And now I'll have to pay
So I'm selling all these dreams
Just so that I could stay
And watch it fade away
Into all this grey
I can do so much but you've all got me caged.
Tell me Things will always work out
We are really on your side!
It's alright!
We feel your pain!
Too late
All is said and done now
Go ahead and make the calls
No one's home.
I've gone away.