Перевод песни Dismantled – Get It Through

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Here's a beat, it is a solid beat
And no one's paying attention so I'm free to speak
Something passionate will work real well
But I am bored so bored, yea, it's easy to tell
But I don't mind that it's the same old shit
'Cause innovation's really hard to sell
So come on!
Well, it's the second verse now and I really like how this sounds
It's got all the right elements that I like
It's that four/four on the floor
That keeps me moving all night long
And that chord progression, I've heard it before
It's the same one in every song
But this message really throws me off
I can't sing along to this at all
Get it through
I'll never get through to you
I'm too wide
Get it through
I'll never fit like you do But you're too blind
So shut up and swallow!
Don't mind me
I'm just another face
Just turn your head and I will be replaced
And don't you worry, I am all alone
But you'll never understand
You'll never understand...
(So just shut the fuck up and swallow)