Перевод песни System Syn – Somewhere

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It feels like things are never changing all these years
And I've been here
Not lying still
But trying to move past the ever growing walls
So many questions but there's no one here to ask
And it's hard to keep on breathing when I wear this mask
Tell me this is going somewhere
Anywhere, I really don't care
As long as it's far away from here
And you believe in things you've never seen
You pray to worlds you've never gone
All this time spent trying to believe you know what's going on And I'm just trying to believe in myself
Is there a time for me when I can laugh
Louder than I've laughed before
Is there a time for me when I can cry
When you'll do more
No, things don't change
I know myself too well to think I'm not the same
I'm not the same
Things don't change