Перевод песни Velvet Acid Christ – Plasmodium

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Crawl in a world
With a vision thing
They drool on the floor
In the translucent reality
Hallucinations are tying me to the floor
And making me bleed deep down inside
Into the vision
Went through the wall a sight
Into a window pane
Of pain, but you're lifeless and you're poor
And your life is on fire
It bleeds the sign of life
Is here for you
For you
Grinding sound
Of bone hitting pavement
Mucous drips
Out of this long nailed hand
To a cross where it bleeds
Push you down into the sound
No boring vision, helpless sign
No bloody cross, it's genocide
No bloody vision in my mind
'Cause it's over here, it's genocide
See it fade, through looking glass
Into the wall where you were last
A vision of an image
Image, dragged into the time
Scanning sub-space frequencies
Scanning sub-space frequencies
Now we're all in this ship of death
Running down the universe
Where the cross is into you
Right into you, right through you
Crawl back into your hole
Where you came in, down
Now you see
Shakespeare was a dream
In you once, and all I get
Is civil war, with bloody hands
With nothing but a war and brainless
Kill, kill, kill
Now Christ, Christ, Christ
Velvet, acid, hallucination Christ
Velvet, acid Elvis tears apart
Oh, Oh, Christ, Christ, Christ
Kneel to the field, then kneel at the altar
And hold up the head which you cut fresh
From the klan of nothing
You hold this cum
Hold this gun
It's in your cut off arms
Velvet acid Christ
Christ, push into lips
Feel the vomit, sick shit
Your lost law
And maggots festering
Bacterial infection
Viral conjection