Перевод песни Velvet Acid Christ – Cyclone Chamber

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
There over the sky,
Walking dust,
Search your ground,
A monster hound,
Why it hurts flying backwards
Sewn in space time,
Psycho rape to ruin the micro world above you,
Psycho world above.
Trance out, trance out,
Cover dreams of glory,
The glory meant to destroy.
Trance out.
Silk story,
Stone tower breath,
Stone tower breath,
Soul stone tower,
Stone tower, ankle,
Ankle chained to a moving vehicle
Dragged down a street in vein, in vein, in vein.
A vision engulfing me,
Take my heart, take my heart,
Breath now
The black river that has stolen me,
In silence I'm sleeping,
Down the river,
Hid the dream,
Gives the coins for your eyes, eyes.