Перевод песни Velvet Acid Christ – Rain for 27 Days

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No different, no difference,
Your no different, no different, no different,
No difference.
Rain, rain for 27 days.
Rain, rain for 27 days.
Don't you see the broken glass,
I travel over the wall, to see the light, the light,
Rain for 27 days on my broken soul, today,
I'll never grow,
Your eyes, your head,
See the broken glass,
Your eyes your soul no innocence,
I feel 27 days,
Don't you lie,
We see the sun but it doesn't matter though,
Innocence gone
All fucking lies,
It rains, it rains for 27 days,
It rains, it rains for 27 days,
Never go away, never walk away,
I feel, I'll assassinate your broken soul,
Lies and words, broken,
Feel this pain,
Never say good-bye, never say good-bye
Is the difference, abhor the difference,
The sorry face of religion,
You've got nowhere to go,
Spinning round your falling down,
Your words don't hold your soul,
See your brain,
My soul is down,
On your lie, you you lie lie,
It's a lie,
No fucking difference