Перевод песни Velvet Acid Christ – Murder the World

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
I've come back to bring you the wisdom of the grave
Rip apart your face with a life force of disgrace
Now hear the lie for death, four million people dead
Now the next stop will be (will be)
The next city in its devastation (somebody will pay)
The past realization (see all our lies)
The last annexation
Shit on my eyes, now a life for chaos
Feel alive for chaos, to feel alive for chaos
Or be alive for chaos, to feel the light
Some phase, red burn, unknown, bring it out, oh no Satan, you know, bring it out, unknown, say don't
Last night, tomorrow shall be the night
So play your life, something outside to realize
Tall cut up vision, people dead
Life for free, there is nothing said
Feel the life force on my arms
Feel the life force on my arms
Rip apart the nation with a plague of devastation
Burn down the cities with life undead
The black star rises, it shows us hate
The future is here for us to separate now
Life is death, life is death, life is death
Life is death, life is death, life is death
Call you all, kiss your eyes, feeling up You kill my eyes, don't feel it up Don't chew my eyes, don't feel it up So take my eyes, don't feel it up Just kill my eyes, don't feel it up Don't kill my eyes, gotta fear
Got a thing for the gore
A last generation on a lost mind state
Killing everything in the name of the state
Rip apart the lives with a fucking knife
Kill 'em all, fucking die, end of the line
The brain disease is at your bed
The life of you is almost dead
To kill all the law, the future dream
To kill all the law, all for the screen
To fear my eyes of the million people dead
For the sight, for the state of the governments
Light for the shit, for another life
The public crawls, get underground, same sound
Follow you around, can't say, calling me for another day
Another day, another way, another day, another say
A fallen son has got gun, everything is fucking dead
It helped me realize so much is fucking dead
So much is fucking dead, life is undead
'Cause in time, could be dead
Future insane, we'll feed apart your brain
Four billion people dead
The next cunt on the way will be the end of time
Now face the fear, now face the fear
Nothing left, nothing left, nothing left
Nothing left, nothing left
The future, a big hole, a life force in death row
Domitro: you corrode the water in dream wars