Перевод песни Dismantled – Exit

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Faced the crowd
In a blind mirror
Skull smashed headfirst
Against this wall of inner need
I knew this fall
Would send it all down towards the lights
And they will question once more
From their unscathed towers
I'll answer:
Go on and force
Your one-bit truth until the end
I'll swallow every bullet
That rips through the hull
A sheltered life crawls forward, vomits
And folds around twin blades
I pull it back like last time
Yet it never cuts through all the way
I always have to take it hostage
Whenever I feel
I find no way to begin
It always bled from within
They fed the dreams so it could rip
Whenever I feel
I find no way to begin
I've grown content in this dream
I'll let those others take and give
And if I had:
Leaned forward and let their downpours mask
Preburned fields growing supports for a future set in past
Every reflection would lie and every breath would climb blind
Toward their shallow corpse of a self-lit sky
And just its weight would be enough
To send it all off the edge towards that same undecided mind
Towards that self-absorbed conscience that only screams
So predictably:
«Someone burn me an exit»
Stormed their black-rise tower looming past
Drove them all out into a corner
Of the memory gridmap
Airlocked and silenced, I kept holding back
Finally burned them all alive
Before cutting off my own blood supply
I knew they had it bypassed to a bloodthirsty human mass
That infested with a false promise of a chance
And held a freedom already dried up and past