Перевод песни PIG – Whore

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Come find, fuck, forget
Take one for the neck
Sinsation is sex
Salvation lies wrecked
So never forgive
Toxico lives
Never forget
Your death rattle rolls
Never for fun
Upheaval's the one
An eye for eye
No one gets out alive
The swinging is caught
Between a stroll in the pork
The shit in my brains
And your gravy train
Save me the silt
Fuck me, I'm sick
Your symphony's broke
On seven veils and a rope
I am the poke in your eye
I am the shit to the fly
I am the red and the raw
I am Sick City's whore
Sick City's whore
Sick City's whore
Sick City's whore
I keep my contempt
In my favourite car
With infinite shame
Save me the blame
The hit that you spurn
The spit and the sperm
One meatball denies
One sweet child lies
Sweet hunger's extreme
Your self esteem
Excessive exclusion
Your sweetest solution