Перевод песни Lady Antebellum – Stars Tonight

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Girls in their heels and a skinny pair of blue jeans
Boys in black pearl buttons looking just like Springsteen
Momma says why you want to play in a silly rock and roll band
Well if you stood here Momma
I know you'd understand yeah
It's the lights
It's the high
It's the roar of a crowd on a Friday night
And everybody's screaming out yeah, yeah, yeah
And everybody's singing out yeah, yeah, yeah
Get on your feet if it feels good
If it feels right
We're all stars tonight
So sing it out yeah, yeah, yeah
Let's get a little rowdy
Going to party all night long
And boys sway along with your girls
When we play a little slow song
Put your hands in the air
Shine a lighter or a cell phone
You better buy another round
We are not going home now
In the floor
In the stands
Tonight we're all in the band
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Oh yeah