Перевод песни Marvin Gaye – You Are That Special One

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You are that special one
(That special one)
There's something about the way you walk and there's something about the way
you talk.
When I saw you sitting there on the shelf, I knew I have to had you for myself.
I only met you yesterday, but as strange as it seems, you answer all my prays,
you are the girl of my dreams. Oh I can't deny. The one that caught my eyes.
You are my special one.
Oh baby! Uh! Something about the way you look; to describe her I had to buy
myself a book.
Oh baby! Oh! Something about the pain you do. Oh! But it won my confidence in
you, girl.
My momma told me, someday someone will set my soul on fire. Since then I been
burning up, burning up... Uh! Burning with desire.
I've been burning up. Hey baby!
Come here baby.
Uh! Oh! yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Oh! Ain't nobody sweeter. And only heaven knows how much I need you girl.
Haven't you to understand? I place my whole life in you love and aims.
There's something about the way that i feel, that makes me know that my love is
(That special one)
Para Erika Barba
-Pedro Sosa