Перевод песни Judy Cheeks – Respect

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Raised Fist
You're Not Like Me Respect
I just woke up from a dream
in a dream or for real I feel
free to climb any mountain
and to be what I want to be this imminent thing is not my problem as long as I don't
care and thet just might not
be fare I feel so betrayed go and get yourself laid the
sinserity is gone I feel so relieved the affection you
show me is long time gone
and now you're asking me the question how I could do that to you I've tried to settle
out arguments the best way I could but it just don't seem
to fit us both
I feel so betrayed?
chorus: respect hits me like a sledge in the head could you
show some respect you say
that I am way from the time
you say that I should leave
you alone for me it's fine ut when I have walked for
myself on the road to success I see you come
along pretending to be my
I feel so betrayed?
you like to think that raised
fist is nothing to care about
just as you told me we just
scream and shout you have
to get through you head that
we're not in this along can't
you see that this id the way I like to live