Перевод песни Colette – Feelin' Hypnotized

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So whatchu you gonna to do When it comes to you
Can you pretend
You don't feel it too?
You're seeing it now
Almost every night
Hopeless days
Till that breaking light
We're feelin' hypnotized
Whatchu gonna do Feelin Hypnotized
It's come to you
Feelin Hypnotized
Now every night
Feelin hypnotized
This isn't right
He promises love
And then walks away
Still comes back
Almost every day
Now do you believe
That his words are true?
What does he say?
When it comes to you
He never told you so Love shouldn't feel like this
There's just too many lies
He's got you hypnotized
Now say that he loves you
But look then what he does to you
Feelin' like you're hypnotized
Will you ever recognize
Real love
Real love
Real love
Real love