Перевод песни Baby Bash – Shorty DooWop

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That's my shorty, doowop
Yeah that's my shorty, doowop
(I love the things you do)
That's my shorty, doowop
And I can't wait, to be alone with you
I bet you never seen a shorty so fly
Pushing candy paint, with the chrome chopping by Throwing up playa ways, to my partnas on the block
They all show love, to my shorty doowop
In the juicy fruit jeans, bumping three fifteens
Living every fantasy, a ghetto girl dreams
Watch her swang and bang, as she bend another corner
Looking way cool, coming through with the doja
Now after two honey buns, I discovered the buzz
I'mma call the shorty, she gon color me love
And through the thick of it all, she excepted collect calls
When her daddy, got caught up by the laws
For real do', for real do', for real do'
She the girl in the movie, and I'm the hero
Stuck with me, when I violated p-role
And came up, when she started with zero
Baby Bash, Latino Robert Deniro
She got with me, cause her hubby was a weirdo
And yes sir, she looking so mighty mighty
Love it cause I'm fresh, and clean and so tighty
The last piece to the puzzle, the grind the hustle
Respect when I'm good, and love me when I'm in trouble
And yes sir, oh no And yes sir, she looking so throwed
I can't wait, to be alone with you
Cause you the only boo, who do the freaky things you do You keep me feeling high, you keep my drama low
Yeah I'm your shorty boo, but you already know