Перевод песни letlive. – Over Being Under

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None of us will reach the top
Remember what I said
I'm selling out to the beat of that song in your head
«Hey, hey, hey! I'm stuck in back»
«I'm all the way up front»
«Well I'm gonna take it slow»
I'm gonna face the fact that I'm a pro
You cannot pray for
They might as well be dying
And I want to find the only way
Over and under
Over and out, sir
Celebrate the hedonist thought
And then we'll rage for half an hour
Until the devil's lying naked passed out in my bed
You let him in, so get him out
Caviar might taste the same with
Antique platters decked with shit
Bless the fame
I missed the offering of caviar, with my head in the sand
I might have had a dish or two
Diamonds don't mean shit if you don't mine them for the world
They keep fighting over me they'll waste a fight again
I'm so over it and you're under it. wasted violent trends
They keep fighting over me. a waste of violent trends