Перевод песни letlive. – We The Pros Of Con

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
let me count the ways
decades of excuses. I don't want to know
my t.v. died today. that was my excuse
because I don't want to know
I caught that girl justice cutting holes in her blindfold
I'll take my brother's hands, from the mother land to father's grave
and I'll break those other hands, from other lands, for father's sake
Full paid justice, holiday truths, it's all for you
You will pay for what they do, it's all for who? It's all for you
I was blind the day they broadcasted revolution
I ain't gotta know
so let me die today by work of evolution
I ain't gotta know
buy me a new car and shiny diamonds
let's start living in a way old money can't be bored
buy my foreign cars and bloody diamonds
that's not given away