Перевод песни Shelter – Surrender to Your T.V.

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Promises of paradise
To you I sacrifice my life
I'll take you with me
To my after-life, if I could
Yeah, just have faith it will begin
Not filling that void that lies within
Turn off your brain and tune on in
You know you should
You're in the center of our family
Lord of our home
You're the one we turn to
When we're alone
I've got faith in your words
I live what you say
Oh yes I accept
Will you show me the way?
You better pray
Everyday and you know you
Better pray to your television
Gather 'round and come to mass
Religiously drag your lazy ass
We just listen we don't ask
Ain't that the truth?
Our morning meditation
Our daily routine
Prime time communion
Keeps the consciousness clean
The prophets are the stars
Worshiped on our screen
And you know you better pray
Everyday, you better pray
To your television
Proselytized, hypnotized by a machine
Opiate of the masses have you bowed down yet?
Looking for reality but statics's all I get
So many problems in life
But now they're easy to forget
How can I repay the debt to my TV set?
So you know you better pray
Everyday, yes you better pray
To the television, everyday