Перевод песни Kiuas – Aftermath

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Snakes in your mouth
Their tongues whisper a venomous lie
So well disguised
They deceive even you
They're not to blame
They're just part of this game
Where egos make the moves
And hearts always lose
Anger grows in me Twisting my sense of reality
This sweet dream shattered
Beauty and bliss that could have been
Now — as you're weak and bleeding
Dwelling in your tomb of misery
I — still undefeated
Enjoy the spoils of my victories
Too late to see my divinity
With blood and with sweat
I've paid for my success
Even more dedication
I would've offered you
But you're a disease
A parasite I do not need
Gladly I leave you on The withered killing field
Now — as you're weak and bleeding
Ditching your soul in a rotten tomb
Sick, alone and needing
You hope I'd be there to comfort you
Your time for pity is overdue
Anger burns in me Releasing me from this misery
One sweet dream shattered
But now I know who I'm meant to be Force — it gathers in us Leading us on to our destiny
With might now handed to us We shine with joy, grace and unity
You just did not want to follow me You — alone and needing
I — still undefeated
You lie weak, cold, alone and needing
I move on forever undefeated