Перевод песни Loveninjas – I Wanna Be Like Johnny C

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It's not religion though I pray
Every minute of the day
Second to no one
A voice that shock my body
You sing and girls go naughty
I wanna be like you Johnny
Without a thought I'd kill my friends (to be like Johnny)
I wouldn't care If I could stop pretend (to be like Johnny)
Second to no one
My songs are weak and sleazy
I give it a try, but it sounds so cheesy
You make it look so easy!
That attitude, I want it so bad
I'm so pathetic when I try (to look like Johnny)
My mother says I'll never know what it's like
(to be you Johnny)
Second to no one
I want a taste of Johnny
I wanna sing I wanna speed I wanna breathe like you Johhny
I wanna be like Johnny!