Перевод песни Russ Taff – The Really Big News

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
I just read where Congress passed new legislation
To help fund the costs of our kids education
Well, cancer rate's down
The crime rate is rising
The Mets won 6−0
Man, that game was exciting
Dow Jones is up and the forecast is clear
And the health care concerns are the focus this year
But the really big news is my little boy Mike
Just learned how to ride
His blue two-wheel bike
The really big news is the weekend is free
So we're planning a picnic with the whole family
And the big news is I took my sweet baby girls
To the mall and I bought her a new ballet shoes
I know what's important in my world today
Cause I know the really big news
That actress, the one with the problems, remember?
Her trial comes up in, I think it's December
GM sales rose, cause consumers were loyal
And the farmers fear flooding might damage the soil
The pope visits Spain and the sheriff he resigns
The last time I checked
Oh the Bulls were behind
And when Maddie says «daddy, come out to play»
Oh there's no way, no way I can refuse
I still read the paper, especially the sports
Oh but I know the really big news