Перевод песни Merle Haggard – I've Seen It Go Away

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I seen 'em when they stepped down on the moon
I seen 'em sail around the world in a hot balloon
I've seen many a great tomorrow turn to yesterday
I've seen 'em, boys, and I've seen it go away
I've seen my share of good times come and go
I seen Bob Wills and Elvis when they did a show
When you've seen the very best, the rest can't hardly play
I've seen it, girls, and I've seen it go away
I've seen it in it's pride and all it's glory
I've seen it through the bars on a dark and stormy day
I've seen it from on high, through the tears I had to cry
The sad part is, I've seen it go away
I watched it all completely fall apart
And I seen our greatest leader break the people's heart
I've seen most of what we got have a whole lot better day
I've seen it, kids, and I've seen it go away