Перевод песни Natalie Merchant – Just Can't Last

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I swear I know your face
I wish I knew your name
I wish I could take you by the hand
If I could name it
If I could just explain it
If I could only help you
Help you understand
I can see that you're hurting
Weighed down like a beast of burden
About to break your back
God only knows that you're human
So what are they trying to do then
Believe me, they don't understand
That you have the weight of the world today
It's on your back
A heavy load like that is gonna hold you back
It's gonna drag you down
You know it just can't last, just can't
You know it just can't last
They thought they could use you
Push you down and abuse you
And what's so sad is you've decided to hide
All your feelings
Got more pain than you can deal with
But ask yourself how can this last