Перевод песни PM Today – Composing A Commercial Product

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
I'm not quite sure where to begin
My ink and time is limited
I used to be a man of certainty and confidence but
Now every word that I spit out
Tastes of insecurity, and doubt
Now as the years go by
And you go up in age
You contemplate the things you never had before
«When did this band become a chore?»
And all the songs you wrote
Kept you from being everything but broke
Your life is a joke
Nothing lasts forever
Dreams will last until you wake up
So I'll just stay up
What are you still doing in this place?
Your peers have gone and found a way
To educate themselves
So they'll grow old and have something to show
but you still live at home
twenty-one and currently jobless, and alone
You're wading in and out your past
You think too much due to lack
Of life experience, you need something to fill the gap
You're floundering in thoughts
That kept you thinking you were right
When you were wrong
You should've quit, while you were still a kid
We are the same
We are all going to the same place
Life is sad, we all die
Along with the dreams we had
How can I clean up this mess?
I'm so obsessed that I'm depressed
From all the stress I've tried so desperately to suppress
I'm constantly in distress
Comprised of sentiments I cannot express
Nothing lasts forever
Dreams will last 'till you wake up