Перевод песни Ever We Fall – Aria

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A door opens upon an opaque street
And here, they realize the time spent forging
A new place for those who lost their way
Was funded by those who had never come across such troubles and why is it
That we ignore the atrocities that surround us
Until they forge their way into our eyes
The negation of the bleeding hearts that lay around us no matter how loud,
or how fierce they scream
Their voices remain silent
But soon, someone will wake to the cries the night air carries
Because somewhere, the walls are stained a deeper shade of red
Goddamn this whole world
When all our faces are blurred
Concealed and burned
And all of the screams
We thought they heard
Were lost into the night
See this road ahead
It's leading to the thoughts straight down your head
You mistake it once again my shoes are tied
But they're loosened by the seams were all pinned down
Like everything now
God save this whole world
The black lines shading our eyes
Are blinding the truth
And everything is lost in the long night
The night... the night... the night