Перевод песни G.B.H. – Power Corrupts

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The flames of degradation burn and curl up to the sky
They tell you when you're going wrong but they'll never tell you why
They got all this power and they shove it in your face
Stomp you to the ground just to keep you in your place
Power corrupts
Attitudes adjust
Power corrupts and...
Absolute power absolutely corrupts
Absolute power absolutely corrupts... Absolutely
They just stand there watching, got a finger on the trigger
Never believe the other mans gun is always bigger
I've seen 'em come and I've seen 'em go and I've seen them in the dirt
Paralyzed with fear cuz they got nothing to assert
So now we're all on the scrap heap, got no souls left to save
We're nurtured and we're prodded from the cradle to the grave
It's a jungle out there and you're an animal with a past
The heart of a snake, rising up that ladder fast