Перевод песни Charmaine – Run

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You wake up with an empty hand
You never had a choice
Of where your life began
Where you sleep
Is covered by the stars
Cause you don't have a home
Where are you going? where will you go?
As you run, run, run, run
Looking for something that is gone
Blinded by the lies that you don't see
You're not alone
What people always say you don't have to be Run, run, run, run
(Where are you going to)?
Turn, turn, turn
(the truth is calling you)
Let me hear you say (oh let me hear you say now)
Oh, oh Love is on the way
I wake up to reality
And now it's calling me To be a kind of hope
You're looking for
But I am here
And you're so far away
There s no more time to waste
No longer waiting I am ready to go