Перевод песни Crystal Waters – Never Enough (Bimbo Jones Dub)

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What's gotten into you?
What you trying to put me through?
Criticizing all I do, you're in it for you
You are my only lover
Put you above the others
Your wish is my command but you don't hear, I Wined you, dined you, I spit-shined you
The others hated, I stood right behind you
Enough is never enough
What the hell is wrong with you?
what's with that attitude?
I can get evil too, would you like me to be you?
You gotta keep on paying
To keep the music playing
You can't expect me just to keep on dancing
Wined you, dined you, I spit-shined you
Squeezed my heart of every drop of love
Enough is never enough