Перевод песни Ardis – Something's Going On

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It’s early in the morning I hear the cock crow cock-a-doodle-doo
and the sun’s rays pours through the room
I guess it’s time to get up
For the bed feels cold and awful lonely
as I think about our little chat last night
why did you have to go
that is something I’m never gonna know
You see
something’s going on
I can tell
something’s going on
can you believe it
something’s going on
I don’t know how long
I can’t take it anymore
Thinking of you baby
I caress myself a little down there
though many people say that it is strictly
But I don’t feel like following no rules no laws
not right now
I’m feeling to lonely you see
I’m feeling too down baby
But like the tides oh yes
I’m gonna move on yeah
you see I have to survive like the blue skies
And I’m gonna struggle baby
day in day out day in
and I’ll be fighting not crying
roaring baby like a lion though