Перевод песни Gorguts – Considered Dead

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Back in the fourteenth century
When the world was plagued by horrid diseases
Discovered lifeless bodies were buried
Knowing very little about true symptoms of death
Those who stiffen in the stage of morbidity
Were then considered dead
Autopsies were unknown at that time
Unconsciousness could have been fatal to your life
Catalepsy, from this plague a lot have died
Ignorance sent to the grave people alive
There's no way to save yourself from this calamity
Life will be for you a simple memory
Faint! Now you're paralysed
Catalepsy soon will take your life
Try not to close your eyes
Cause death will be to life a deadly lie
When you're entombed Within your mind you wait and
Pray if you could talk The only things that you would say
«I'm still alive... Please!» «I'm still alive... Don't bury me!»
What a sad way to end a mortal life
But it's better off buried
Than to be embalmed alive