Перевод песни Anna Ternheim – Today Is A Good Day

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Call me free today, if you see it my way
Time on my side as well as my mind is
It’s not with you for sure, no not anymore
I intend to stay away for good
It’s just a matter how I define
My state of mind
Today is a good day
Without you company
i have so many holes to fill
at least seven nights a week killing time
i still feel fine i guess, my life was a mess
When i shared it with you
I was lonely.
no i’m just alone
It’s just a matter how i define
My state of mind.
Today is a good day
Just a scratch on my ego
I get up in the morning
With a good plan tomorrow
I’ll be keeping my mind cold
Until the evening
When the hours forget me and
The waiting awaits me
and voices of madness
from my subconscious
singing songs of the sadness
Today is a good day.