Перевод песни Lina – Playa No Mo'

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Lovers come and lovers go That's what you said not long ago
I found myself alone with you
Giving you lovin' like you never knew
The fellas wonder what's come over you
What's come over you, you're a ...
Player no more, player no more (you're a)
Player no more, player no more
You used to be now here you are
All into me i'm a movie star
Don't do the same old things you used to do You say i've given you a sweet taboo
The fellas wonder what's come over you
You're a...
Repeat hook
I done broke a brother down to his knees
Got him giving up the g'd and the keys to his bentley
Uh that don't mean shit to me got him asking me How much do my rent be acting like he heaven sent to me Throwing hints to me talking 'bout how he want to raise a shorty
With me and how he gave up his all night parties for me Got my own loot got my own rolla buy my own clothes
Rock my own ice got my rist froze don't need yours but i got yours
Cause ain't no nigga gonna free load uh ain't wit it ain't ever gone be So you better stay ready for me those hoes ain't better than me Ya'll players can't fuck with me!
Repeat hook till fade