Перевод песни Judy Garland – The Fight

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How did I ever get mixed up with such a fathead?
How did I ever get involved with such a dunce?
How could I ever love a man who has a taste of a goat,
And let the best years of my life go all to waste, unquote.
I 'spose you'd rather have that dame you used to go with.
The one with scraggly hair who never took a bath.
I may be dumb but I'm twice as smart as you;
So there, so scram, so long, get lost!
This time we're really through.
Go back to your comic books you mental giant.
From now on I'm goin' to be so self-relient
You won't know me.
You were the one who stared it.
I'll be the one to finish it.
Go ahead. Strike me, you BRUTE!
You wouldn't dare.
Stay away, don't touch me.
Don't come any nearer or I'll scream!
I mean it, I'll scream!