Перевод песни Machine Gun Fellatio – What the Fuck

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You could be in movies
Be a star of stage and screen
You could get old and lose your leg to gangrene
Or you could be a sports hero
The champion of the champions league
You could get your brain smashed in like Muhammed Ali
What the fuck do I care?
What the fuck do I care
If the poles both melt
And there's no home for the polar bear?
I'm hot for the lot
With the chick in my block
She's got red hair
What the fuck do I care?
You could pray to Jesus
Or Allah, or Satan maybe
Or you could spend your time
Getting high and watchin' TV And you could be big business
The chairman of the company
But you're ugly as sin
And you'll never get laid for free
We could be together
The romance of the century
But it's late at night
And you ain't talking to me And you could be the answer
I could be the one
I could walk away
And leave it all undone