Перевод песни Fred Thomas – Come Back

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On the day that we met you were packing your bags
Getting ready to move far away
You had so much to say you could not be contained
You had to get out of the place
And I fell in love with the sound of your smile
Before I heard the sound of your voice
I was staring at you in your bright baby blue
You were leaving the room
Come back, come back, come back
You were in town for a couple of days
One of which was the fourth of July
So we sat in my yard and we stared at the sky
It was the happiest day of my life
Then you were off to Chicago and I couldn't follow
So naturally I stayed behind
And I laid in the grass for a year and a half
And waited for you to
Come back, come back, come back
And I see my movies with another boy now
And I wait to hear that secret sound
And I listen for you talking to yourself
From town to town
Come back, come back, come back