Перевод песни James Ingram – This Is The Night

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Day in, day out I would wake to find no love at all
To warm my morning sun
Every night I had the same sweet dream
Someday I'd find someone
I knew almost at one it was you,
'Cause all of my life
This is the night that I've been living for
Now we're together
And I can't let you go And, baby,
This is the magic that I'll be living for forever
Don't ever change, change for me Stay just the way you are
I'll never ask for more
Can't you feel this heart found in those eyes of yours
Love like none before in my life
Repeat Chorus
All of my tomorrows you changed in a touch
Loneliness is over now
But if I lost you
I could never face even one more day
Stay here with me You'll be my sanity
My one safe, quiet place in my life
Repeat Chorus