Перевод песни Cream – Weird Of Hermiston

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I’m goin' to a wedding
I’m going to a wedding
Dressed in black
I’m going to a party
I’m going to party, won’t be back
'Cause I’m not going with you, no Trees are no longer a comfort
Messages sad in the wires
My hair is hung down
With the blackest of rain that I’m feeling
I’m going to the river
I’m going to the river
Wash my tears
I’m going to the mountains
Going to the mountains, cool my fears
That I’m not going with you, no Skies are no longer a comfort
Leaves turning black in the autumn
The corn is hung down
With the heaviest rain I am feeling
I’m going to a funeral
I’m going to a funeral
Dressed in white
I’m going to a nightclub
I’m going to a nightclub
Sleep with night
And I’m not going with you, no Love is no longer a comfort
Fantastic times are forgotten
My heart is hung down
With the saddest of rain that I’m feeling