Перевод песни Aga Zaryan – Temptation Game

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
(*Aga Zaryan; Michal Tokaj)
Past six in the morning*
Another day is dawning
Back in my hotel room
Again keeping my cool
A guy wanted to walk me to the door
Heard these words
A couple of times before
He wanted to take my lonely body
For a moment I would belong to somebody
I looked deeply into his young eyes
Smiled at him and said:
— Thank you I'm fine
Then I took my last sip of deep red burgundy wine
Walked the long corridor
Was alone
But not afraid of it like before
Life sometimes can taste so bitter
I'm starting to absorb it Not as an ilusion
And that makes me underestand
The meaning of it deeper
My bed might be cold and empty
But I am sweeter
Am I waiting for an angel in disguise
To rescue me from the hungry demons' eyes?
This time in the Temptation Game
I know by heart
I'm the winner
But heaven and hell know that i will stay
A time to time sinner