Перевод песни Aga Zaryan – What Is This Thing Called Happiness

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Another year has passed
With a speed of light
In the mirror I observe my face
Curved with first lines
A sculpture, a woman
Body and soul
Fire and ice
Freedom am I Am I ready for a big step into a world
A world that seems another universe
A milky way ahead?
Close my eyes
Lose gravity
Feel nothing
Just the wind on my rosy cheeks
As I carelessly cut the evening sky
Seeking the unknown harmony
That I could call my own
Suddenly I fall on the ground
And hit it hard
I lie among the grains of sand
Hear the bitter sweet song of the waves
Maybe this is happiness
Or am I still in the Bay of Hopes and Dreams
Searching for a hidden treasure?