Перевод песни Insane Clown Posse – Scatter Brain

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Where my swim suit at
The soups on in Argentina
Convalescent home patients serving me with subpoenas
Make sure you tell the fuckin' captain his legs are made of rubber
I got an apple for your forehead if I'm cleaning the shutters
Give me my turkey pass
Tradin' chops sticks with the hooligans
Snakes are in a submarine
I'll never go to school again
I stole you a Porsche cause your mama's a fox
I'm selling footwear insoles and I'm running three shops
Horrified jelly worms with electric infantago
Dinosaur crybabies cookin' shrimp in San Diageo
Full moons mean nothing without your roller skates
When the water runs dry and blood fills the great lakes
I'm a hired assassin but ice sculpture is art
And so I ride a horse everywhere returning shopping carts
It's raining fish flies on the east side and I'm rappin'
Slutty ass skanks get slapped for nappin' (umph)
I don't wanna know about the shit that matters
Skip-switch forget shit I scatter my brain (I scatter my brain)
Throw your hands up
Kamikazes don't tell lies
With that watermelon foot bath they minds collide
Bitch, my knees been bald headed so download that
Ridin' on a zamboni in my Danny K hat
I'm the number one contender for a shot at the bible belt
I swam between piranhas and assaulted a patty melt
The red planet still remains in orbit
Leavin' trash piles cleaned up by A.J. Styles, Me, and J. Giles
Leopard shit in my yard
I took the yellow pill
I once stabbed a flamingo but it was only a fire drill
Meet me at the market for your kung fu prize
With that frozen ice firecracker (everybody rise)
Get your panties off ho this ship is ready to attack
Somebody get on the piano I'm calling John Cusack
And put ten on pump seven if your skills are tight
Make sure you bring a wet mitten cause its col col col cold at night
I scatter my brain
I I I scatter my brain
I don't wanna know about the shit that matters
I I I scatter my brain
I don't wanna know about the shit that matters
My brain
I scatter my brain (I scatter my brain)