Перевод песни Sharyn Maceren – I Love To

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I love to watch you when you
Lay down next to me Though I see you every day
You're still the sight I need
To feel alive
To feel alright
To feel so high
To feel like good things
Are in my life
I can not lie
You stun my eyes
Verse II
I love to hold you 'cause you
Feel good in my arms
If I could, I'd hold you
From today until tomorrow
Because it's nice
Because it's nice
It Feels so right
It's like your body was made
For mine
I can't deny
My arms won't tire
You don't know what you do To my senses
But you've touched each and every one
And you've broken through all my Defenses
With your beauty, baby
I'm feeling things like never before
Verse III
I love to smell your skin
Because it smells so good
I'd put it in a bottle
And I'd wear it if I could
You smell divine
You smell divine
Like Calvin
'Cause it's sweet and light
Inhale and I Am bound to sigh