Перевод песни The Postmarks – Go Jetsetter

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It's time to go so get your things
We're gonna see what tomorrow brings
It'll be easy to live like kings
Don't wanna ride? So grow some wings
Go jetsetter
Let's go getter/get her
It's time to leave so grab your case
We're gonna sneak out of the rat race
There's got to be a better place
Tie your shoes put on your poker face
Pack your stuff leave your hair uncurled
No time to have your coffee swirled
We've got to make it to the next world
If you wanna get diamonds and pearls
Go jetsetter
Let's go getter/get her
You'll sit on the beach writing postcards and letters
Sipping your cocktail, sunning your cap feather
Break the fetter
You'll feel better
We're on the road so watch the map
Big ideas can be a trap
Roll up your sleeves put on your thinking cap
Gotta find the well before we tap
Oh so you want to be a star
We already know who you are
Picked up your signal on the radar
Meet you in the sky yeah it's kind of far