Перевод песни Elephant Man, Harry Toddler – Pure Gal a Follow Wi

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Can I speak to Harry Toddler Please
A sorry ladies but Elephant Man and Harry Toddler are on a photo shoot
You got to call back
I is Elephant there?
I want to speak to Harry Toddler
Ladies listen the artiste dem busy call back
No dirt you no see wi thing a work
When wi clean an step out a pure gyal a follow that
Pocket full a cash a bare gyal a follow that
Everyday wi trash a bare gyal a follow that
A bare gyal
A bare gyal
A bare gyal a follow that
True wi no go bruck stand up a bay gyal a follow that
And wi table tun up a bare gyal a follow that
WI ride dem hot an no burn up a bare gyal a follow that
A bare gyal
A bare gyal
A bare gyal a follow that
A we the gal dem a follow like the van dem in a mi color
If a no motion then a Toddler r a Ele dem require
So some bwoy naw get no gyal mi get fi find out dem a lire
All workless bwoy fi go retire
Well bad man naaw run back a no gyal dem affi follow mi
Anthonet Suesette a run mi down dem wan fi cala mi
All a the pretty gyal dem wan tell mi dem want the agony
Tiffany Shall any she dem want mi in a dem colony
To how wi clean Gucci down to bell wi guda affi go call the popperoxi paw wi
Buy off the woll a the lue from off a the shelf
The amount a bag wi have gyal affi ask if wi want help
Ele gyal affi follow wi like ants follow fat
Some a dem a talk bout dem hot but dem not
Mi no see dem in a no chart an no have no snapback
So dem hide an come in a the club when it pack
To how wi step out you would a fear think a busy
Tell dem a Ele and Toddly deh up in a the plivy
Shambala white diamond meck dem eye busy
The woll a the pretty gyal dem a fewi
You you you fi worry