Перевод песни New Boyz – Turnt

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Ha ha! Geah
Uhh. ay. New Boyz!
Ay uhh, ayy
Ay, ay, ay, ayy
I'm turnt up (I'm turnt up)
I'm turnt up, and I don't give a...
I'm turnt up, what ye ain't know?
It's the young fly nigga from the three-one-oh
I rap, I jerk, and I have to steez
I'm makin things with this paper like I'm Japanese
Spit game so nasty no water could cleanse me
Like I'm so fly even swatters offend me
Rock a feel one time then I change like Obama
I'm gettin so cocky I'm a start rockin condoms; know what?
Hold up, let me show these hoes up
I'm so turnt up I'm talking backwards like Yoda
And my words kinda slur but I still got game
Aw you got a pre-paid? Well I still got AIM
Just got a new kick and I keep it with me
It's I, Ben Jammin, and the E is a favorite
I'mma keep it in my pocket 'fore it end up gone
Cause I'm too turnt up bitch sing my song
I'm turnt up, I'm I'm turnt up
Just lost my phone and dropped my cup
They stole my whip and now I'm stuck
But as long as this bump, I'mma still go dumb
Like I'm turnt up (I'm turnt up) hey I'm turnt up (I'm turnt up)
Like I'm turnt up (I'm turnt up) I'm turnt, I'm I'm turnt up
I'm turnt up, yup! Just as much as I wanna be
Goin so dumb that the nerds makin fun of me
These girls dancin on me but they really wasn't wantin me
Until I said, I'm Ben J, then they cornered me
«Like OMG! Do you know who you are?»
I said «I don't even 'member where I parked my car»
She was like «Can you jerk? I know that you ain't afraid»
I said «I'm too turnt up, I just do the Ben J»
Like left leg out, right leg out
You feelin gone girl? I can take you to my house
The stairs top high? We can get up on my couch
See clothes off? Damn we can get it on right now
I was like «You got a rubber?» She was like «Uhh, no
But we can still do it» I was like «Uhh, no!»
But it's kinda late girl I think you gotta go
She yelled at me (YOU'RE A JERK) and I said «I know!»
I stained my shirt and scuffed my shoes
Don't know where I'm at and it's past curfew
I can't stop laughin and my friends think I'm dumb
These are the signs that I am turnt up
That I am TURNT UP
Yup! These are the signs that I am turnt up