Перевод песни Ice T – (Haters)

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Ain't nothing up in here but some busta ass niggas
(Fuck these niggas)
Fucking assholes, ain't givin' a nigga no rhythm
Fucking ass bitch
Fuck this bitch here
I ain't supposed to know that's a fucking wig
Bitch got tired ass shit anyway
(Trife ass ho ass bitch)
All these niggas up in here ain't nothing but some motherfucking marks
Fuck 'em
Yo ain't that that yellow nigga Ice-T?
(Fuck him)
(Punk ass shit)
Nigga (?)
(Motherfuck him)
Motherfucker think he is
Fuck the nigga got on jewels and shit like the nigga can't get got
Suck my dick
(Man I don't give a fuck man
Nigga we should get that nigga right now yo
Let that nigga know what time it is)