Перевод песни Public Image Ltd. – Sand Castles In The Snow

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Madmen fry
This is bad for their health
In the midday sky
Everything has its appointed hour
Get down on their knees
Why should the devil have all the good tunes
BUt the sand won't freeze
Those that do you wrong will never forgive you
Deciding on decisions-deciding on decisions-a war between the ears
Laughing like a madman-laughing like a madman-laughing at the madman
On the barren waste
With the mind of roadworks full of parked cars
You will decorate
An incident of original sin
With skull and bone
An accident of true distinction
Your final home
You spoke too quick, now count the stars
Evaporation, dehydration
An innocent of original sin
With this skull and bones, dehydrating on the desert sands
Raised my height
Took an all time low
Took away a little part of me
Sand castles in the snow
And everything you knew
Has turned its back on you
Sand castles in the snow
Deciding on decisions
Deciding on decisions
Well I raised my heights
Took an all time low
I'm laughing at this madman
And all these things
You did and said
All these things
Running through my head
Laughing at the madman
Deciding on decisions