Перевод песни Shirley Bassey – If I Should Love Again

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If I should love again
I know that I would do
I'd think of what a fool I've been with you
I'd never get love get me down
I wouldn't play the tragic clown
The way I did
When you meant all the world to me
If I should love again
How grateful I would be
To throw the shadow of your love from me
I'd never quite believe again
Or be so dam naive again
Oh, not me
I'm not the fool that I used to be
If I should love again
But then it's plain to see
The school of thought is fooling only me
If you would say come back to me
There's no where I would rather be
To love again
In the way that we used to do
So wear your summer smile
I'll cry my winter tears
And turn my dreams away when love appears
I'll say that you've been here before
You're still the one that I adore
Oh can't you see
There's no other love for me
There's no other love for me
There's no other love, for me